Warranty conditions

Clike guarantees against any construction, material and / or paint defects on your Clike bicycle based on the following conditions.

1. Terms
1.1 The warranty period starts on the invoice date of the bicycle.
1.2 During the applicable warranty period (s), all parts of which Clike has determined that there is a material and construction defect will be repaired or reimbursed at Clike's discretion.
1.3 Clike gives a 2-year warranty on the following:
• material and construction errors of parts.
• the paintwork of the frame and front fork against rust formation under the paint.
• chrome parts and other paint parts against rust formation.
1.4 Replacing parts during the warranty period are covered by the standard warranty period of the bicycle.

2. Transferable
2.1 Manufacturer's warranty can only be invoked on presentation of the original purchase invoice. The manufacturer's warranty is transferable on condition that the warranty certificate (the original purchase invoice) is presented.


3. Battery of the e-bike
3.1 Clike gives a two-year warranty on the battery. The capacity of the battery will decrease in proportion to the number of charging cycles and age. This decrease in capacity is not covered by warranty. Always contact Clike if you have any problems with the battery. At the end of its useful life, the battery may be registered with Clike. He will then take care of the collection of the battery and a correct recycling procedure. Any costs may be charged to you by Clike.

4. Exclusions
4.1 The above warranty conditions do not apply when:
• The safety regulations or operating instructions have not been observed;
• There is normal wear and tear on parts, or incorrect adjustment of tires, chain, brakes, cables, sprockets and / or derailleur;
• The bicycle has not been regularly maintained and repaired by a recognized Clike specialist;
• Modifications have been made to the original condition, such as the use of unauthorized Clike parts and / or accessories;
• The bicycle has been used incorrectly and / or carelessly or not used in accordance with the destination of the bicycle, for example for competitions and / or commercial activities;
• Damage has been caused by not following the user manual;
• Damage has been caused by transport on bicycle carriers, among other things;
• The bicycle continues to be used, despite damage and / or defects that have already been established, and this use makes the damage worse.

5. Claim warranty
5.1 Complaints and warranty requests are handled by Clike. In case of complaints or questions regarding warranty, please contact Clike. It will then be assessed whether there is a guarantee. The relevant part will be sent to Clike with the purchase invoice, stating the complaint.
5.2 Any (dis) assembly costs can be charged to you by Clike.
5.3 Any costs for transporting the bicycle and / or parts to Clike may be charged to you.

6. Liability
6.1 A claim under these warranty conditions honored by Clike expressly does not imply any acknowledgment of liability on the part of Clike for any damage suffered by the owner or third parties. Any liability of Clike for consequential damage is hereby expressly excluded. Clike's liability is limited to what is stipulated in these warranty conditions, unless a mandatory legal provision dictates otherwise.

7. Disclaimer
7.1 It goes without saying that Clike has compiled these warranty conditions with great care. But liability as a result of printing and typographical errors is excluded.